Point of Sale Systems and Online Store Integration

Traditional host-based point of sale systems and e-commerce software aren’t like oil and water. Both platforms have far more in common than most business owners assume. Each platform provides retail and service-based businesses with advantages, sometimes just as many disadvantages. But, one of the most notable aspects about both platforms is that they can integrate with one another. Point Of Sale Systems, E-Commerce and Integration Integration brings two entities together. In this case, it brings host-based and cloud-based point of […]

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Behind The Relationship of Credit Card Processing and Data Security Tokenization

Credit card processing encompasses credit card transactions as an entire process. The system takes what are more or less tokenized funds from customers and transfers them to merchants in exchange for products and/or services. But, before we look into how credit card processing has developed as an essential tool, we need to understand what’s known as data security tokenization first. A brief look at data security tokenization Tokenization, in the context of data security, refers to a process that substitutes […]

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